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Conventional rod rental
Electric rod rental

Taking you out to all the way out to the continental shelf for fishing where few fishermen venture!

Booking in advance is highly recommended. Please book early to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer.

The Gambler’s 24 Hour Offshore Tilefish Trip takes you out to all the way out to the continental shelf (80 to 100 miles, into the deep waters) fishing from sun up to sun down and fishing where few fishermen venture.

Tilefish reside exclusively in waters of 350 ft or more. They are one of the best tasting fish in the seas. Sometimes labeled as the poor man’s lobster for the quality of its meat, tilefish are a highly sought after in the finest restaurants.

We will have everything you need on board but if you would like to bring your own suggested tackle is a 4/0 size reel or a reel capable of holding at least 500 yds of 65lb test braided line. Rod suggestion is a 7ft- 8ft rod strong enough to manage up to 3lbs of sinker weight.

Other species that may be encountered: wreckfish, rosefish, and hake.

Be aware: this trip is not for the faint of heart. Fishing in depths of 300 to 600+ ft with up to 3lbs of weight is a chore. But the reward of landing several 10 or 20lb tiles will keep you dropping and reeling. This trip is limited to 24 passengers or less because we fish only one side of the boat.

The weather forecast is monitored carefully by the captain and if winds are predicted over 20 knots, he will cancel the trip and you will be able to get a refund or reschedule your trip.

Our mates are always there to help when needed, from instruction to fish filleting at the end of the trip. We have all tackle needed on board for this trip for sale in our galley. Conventional rental rod and reel is available for $25 –electric rod and reel set-up is $50 –but are limited and must be requested ahead.

Don’t forget to dress in layers. Taking pictures is a great idea and you can upload pictures right onto our website.

Please arrive at least 1 hour early to check-in and secure your equipment. The boat will leave promptly and can not wait for late arrivals.