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3/4 Day Stripers

Quick Details

Calendar Season: November – December

Senior 65 and older
Child UNDER 12
Veteran with active ID

Terrific Action & Great Table Fare!

The Gambler’s seven-hour striped bass fishing trips can be very exciting indeed. Striped bass has made a great come back over the last 20 years and provides terrific action and great table fare.

Striped bass range in size from small “throw-backs” to “cows” of up to 50+ lbs. Along with stripers, we often catch big bluefish — also good eating fare. Incidental catches may include weakfish.

Like any other fish in the ocean, striped bass can be a challenge to catch. The Gambler specializes in seeking them out in the spring and fall and we even run some evening trips for them in the spring.

The Gambler was one of the very first boats to begin targeting striped bass in the late 1980s, and we have pioneered many of the jigging methods used by others along the coast today.

Our mates are always there to help when needed, from instruction to fish filleting at the end of the trip. We will have virtually everything you need onboard. Rod and reel rental, bait (included when needed), lures, food and beverages, ice and a place to store your catch.

Don’t forget to dress in warm layers and boots and rain gear may come in handy. Our spacious cabin is heated during the cooler seasons for your comfort and is a good place to relax while the captain heads to the striper grounds.

Booking our NJ striped bass fishing trips in advance is highly recommended. Please book early to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. Please arrive at least 45 minutes early to check in and secure your equipment. The boat will leave promptly and can not wait for late arrivals.