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Nite Wreckin

Quick Details

Calendar Season: June – September


A really different and interesting fishing trip targeting ling!

Booking in advance is highly recommended. Please book early to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer.

The Gambler’s 5 Hour Nite Wreckin’ Fishing Trip is a really different and interesting fishing trip that targets ling (one of Capt. Bob’s favorite fish to eat, otherwise known as hake). It is not hard, when the ling are biting, to catch 2 dozen or more of these tasty, white meat critters. This is a trip you will not forget and will most likely want to try more than once.

On the same reef grounds that we catch ling, we aslo catch squid! Squid are really ineresting to catch on light tackle with a specific lure that is cast away and retrieved back to the boat. You can actually watch as the squid chase and grab your lure. The squid that you catch can be cleaned by our crew and cooked by you as calamari. There are times when anglers have caught more the 50 squid on one trip. It’s fun and different!

Also caught on our Nite Wreckin trips: Cod, flounder and pollock

It is something else on a cool summer night to watch all the sea life drawn to the Gambler with our exclusive underwater lighting.

Our mates are always there to help when needed, from instruction to fish filleting at the end of the trip. We will have virtually everything you need on board. Rod and reel rental, bait (included), hooks and sinkers, food and beverages, ice and a place to store you catch.

Don’t forget to dress in layers. Taking pictures is a great idea and you can upload pictures right onto our website.

Please arrive at least 45 minutes early to check-in and secure your equipment. The boat will leave promptly and can not wait for late arrivals.