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Special 14 Hour Cod Trips

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Rod Rental

MLK Day Cod Fishing

The Gambler’s 14 Hour Cod and Wreck Trips are a terrific way to shake off Cabin Fever. Cod, porgies and hake inhabit old, sunken wrecks and rock piles off the Jersey coast.

There is something special about dropping a hunk of clam to the bottom and feeling the tug of a cod or big hake and join us this spring. The Gambler is a heavily built, fast boat that can get you to the offshore wrecks in speedy comfort.

Cod and pollock range in size from small “throw-backs” to “cows” of up to 30+ lbs. Along with cod and pollock, we often catch red hake, taug and other good-eating bottom species.

Our spacious cabin is heated during the cooler seasons for your comfort and is a good place to relax while the captain heads to the fishing grounds.

Our mates are always there to help when needed, from instruction to fish filleting at the end of the trip. We will have virtually everything you need on board. Rod and reel rental, bait (included), hooks, rigs, sinkers and lures, hot food and beverages, and a place to store you catch.

Don’t forget to dress in warm layers; boots and rain gear may come in handy. Taking pictures is a great idea and you can upload pictures right onto this website.

***Please arrive at least 1 hour early to check-in and secure your equipment. The boat will leave promptly and can not wait for late arrivals.***